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The Reham khans Book

Reham Khan’s upcoming book is the number 1 trending topic in Pakistan. Reham khan is a multitalented women who worked as a host, reporter and as a producer. She has been continuously in headlines from a long time because of his belongings with the Famous cricketer and political leader Imran khan, Chairman of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf commonly known as PTI.

Rehams personal life was never smooth as she is a two time divorcee now. She got married to a British psychiatrist at a very young age of 19. She has three children with Dr Ejaz Rehman who are now under protection of their father. Her second marriage with Mr. Imran Khan got no longer than few months because of Rehams nature of getting better of the people.

The book is not yet launched but It is getting a lot of criticism because the major targets of Rehams book is to destroy reputation of Imran khan and Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf .it is reported that she has also wrote something offensive against the famous cricketer Wasim Akrams ex-wife. His ex-wife died due to cancer. Mr. Akram on the other hand has sent her a notice already.

The most important thing about Rehams book is the timing of its launch event, it is happening few days before general Election 2018 which may cause a vote loss for Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf. However Book has been declared controversial by many renown politicians and media persons as well , so it may not cause any damage to PTI. Josh Shaw Authentic Jersey

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